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Delta Kappa Epsilon 

On Saturday, June 22nd, 1844 15 Yale College undergraduates met in No. 12 Old South Hall and established a new society they called Delta Kappa Epsilon. The Fraternity's open motto, "Kerothen Philoi Aei" or "Friends from the Heart, Forever" was adopted, as was the DKE pin and the secret grip.

​ΔΚΕ is one of the oldest, most prestigious fraternities in the world. There have been more U.S. presidents(5 total), more fortune 500 CEO's, more Medal of Honor winners, more Olympic gold medal winners, and more men served and serving this country to walk the halls of ΔΚΕ than any other fraternity; all this with 1/4 the chapters and 1/8 the initiates of the largest fraternities. We boast quality over quantity and only tolerate the very best.

delta kappa epsilon

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