Welcome Parents

First off, we would like to thank you for allowing your son to be part of such an honorable organization here at Texas A&M University. We realize that without the support of our parents, we would not be able to operate as we currently do. Your continued support makes events like our annual philanthropy event, The Ducky Derby, our exceptional recruitment week, and our house additions and renovations possible. As always, we invite you to participate in our biannual parents weekend. The spring event is a Father/Son Shootout with a Mom's Vineyard lunch, and the fall event is a BBQ at the house with a Parents Tailgate the following day. 

The Tau Chi chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon values your son's collegiate success over everything else. To ensure this, we have both a New Member and Active Member academic program. Both of these require members to attend study hours proctored by our Academic Chair, Jake Murphy. This program has allowed us to maintain the 5th best chapter GPA out of 21 fraternities on IFC. We also require our members to participate in at least one other student organization so that our members are well rounded individuals. This ensures that our members broaden their horizons and get a more holistic experience in college. 

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