Delta Kappa Epsilon has over 160 years worth of alumni and connections to take advantage of. Our fraternity has produced the most influential politicians and businessmen of any fraternity. In fact, 6 Dekes have been Presidents of the United States, the most of any fraternity. (The fraternity with the second most has only two.)

**FDR, although initiated in Delta Kappa Epsilon, is not officially recognized as being a Deke, because he had dual membership in another society.

John Hessin Clarke, Beta Chi

Harold H. Burton, Theta

Potter Stewart, Phi

U.S. Supreme court justices

secretary of the U.s. treasury

Rutherford B. Hayes        Theodore Roosevelt         Franklin D. Roosevelt**         Gerald Ford           George H.W. Bush         George W. Bush


Vice Presidents

William E. Simon, Rho

Theodore Roosevelt, Alpha

Gerald R. Ford, Omicron

George H. W. Bush, Phi

James Danforth Quayle, Psi Phi

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